Composed was a niche digital streaming service for classical music and a subsidiary of Universal Music. Unfortunately, it has been shut down after two years in service by the end of 2016.

Being part of a small autonomous product team I’ve been responsible for the Composed Android app for 15 months. During this time I’ve implemented several new features like composer based playlists. Moreover, I have refactored and improved the existing codebase of the Android app and implemented a new audio playback engine based on the ExoPlayer library by Google.

Because of the small size of the Composed product team I was able to collaborate very closely with the designer, the product manager and other developers. Also, I was involved in different product related tasks like user research, customer data analysis and sketching of new feature ideas. This has been very interesting and I learned a lot about user focussed product design.

This is a demo of the Composed Android app in action: